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"I was amazed how quickly I recovered from a marathon after using it. I've run Boston, Chicago, San Diego, to name a few, and I've always dreaded "the next day." But now that I've got FLEX24, the 'marathon experience' will be a lot easier. "Thank you FLEX24- it keeps me in the game longer."


Boca Raton, FL

"The first night I tried one, it worked so well at relieving the pain, I actually slept through the night. The same thing the next night, and on and on. During the day, I now could function and routine tasks, such a turning the steering wheel in my car, were virtually pain free."

Robert M.

Golf Player

"I couldn't believe how well these patches worked! I'm hooked! On the patches... no longer the narcotics!!! I've used Lidoderm patches in the past, but they never seemed to give me relief, and they wouldn't stay on worth a darn."

Chuck G.

Foot Pain

"I'm a believer! (It's now) after 15 hours - (I've been) extended on my feet, (I've been) playing basketball (and) had ligament and tendonitis fatigue. I put it on the back of my knee and... I'm a believer."


Amateur Basketball Player with Tendonitis