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Howard W.



Used the FLEX24 Pain Patch® for recovery from a medical procedure.

“I had to get surgery for trigger finger, and FLEX24 helped me to recover from the surgery.  It gave me more flexibility, and I couldn’t believe the Pain Patch worked for 24 hours!.”


Harry W.

Fitness Regimen at age 83

“I’ve had every injury you can imagine over the years, especially on my back, and even at age 83, I can go to the gym every day, hit the heavy bag, work on the parallel bars, and train for hours – largely because of FLEX24!”


Neal A.

Retired college professor in health and physical education who is active at 75 and uses the FLEX24 Performance Tape® for his sports activities.

“FLEX24 is the best product I’ve used so far for my Achilles, quads, hamstrings and other athletic injuries, I am 75 years old and still very active, it has kept me going, I recommend it to everyone!!!”


Angel V.

Uses FLEX24 after his accident.

“FLEX24 helped me after my motorcycle accident for pain in my back and shoulders.  I used both the roll-on pen and the patch.  They worked so well that I was able to avoid surgery.  The pain goes away immediately and within 5 to 10 minutes I didn’t think about the pain, and I was able to focus on what I was doing.’